S.'. L.'. I.'.

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The Society for Liberation and Initiation S.'.L.'.I.'.  is a non-profit fraternal organization dedicated to the liberation and initiation of mankind. Located in Lexington, Kentucky; the society was founded in 2013 during the Spring equinox. Our mission is to provide access to ancient wisdom, initiation, and spiritual truth in a free, non-dogmatic fashion. While the formation of the society is new, the truths and lineages it contains are as old as time.


Within our society are portico's to several authentic and traditional currents of western mysticism, alchemy, chivalry  and magick. Our society is non-sectarian, does not have a hierarchy, and members can be of any faith. While certain currents within our society may have certain religious requirements, we are confident that there is something for every seeker regardless of his or her natural religion.

Our lineages include, but are not limited to, The Martinist Order, The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, The Knights Templar Priests of the Presentation of our Lady, The Panagia Halkeon Parish of the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar, The Rose-Croix, among others.




CONTACT: [email protected]