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Some personal reflections

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,


The following was written immediately after my dearly beloved Grandfather passed away. It was in response to an esoteric lesson from an unamed order:


I'm in a conflicted state of emotions right now, due to my Grandfather's serious illness, and the news that my wife is with child! I can't help but think of and consider the irony, and the drama of life and death. It is truly a very trying, yet spiritual time in my life. I've been in a state of deep meditation lately, and find our ongoing conversations to be highly serendipitous to the challenges, thoughts and feelings I've experienced as of late. It's always wonderful to converse with and associate with yourself, and others "on the path." I heard an analogy the other day which I believe has relevance. "If you have an acoustic guitar in the corner of the room, and strum another acoustic guitar in close proximity, the other guitar's strings will vibrate the same note." I think that the most important factor in this "equation" is that both are acoustic guitars. Or, both are initiates capable of vibrating the same frequency. It takes the conscious energy of strumming the one guitar for the other to have a reaction. But this could not happen unless the guitar (or the initiate) is in "the same room" with the source of the vibration (initiation)! Therefore, it takes the conscious energy of the one guitar (initiator) strumming the guitar, for the other guitar (initiate) to react and vibrate the same note. But the other "guitar" (initiate) must enter/approach the room (or temple) in order for there to be a reaction in the first place! In regards to the three-fold "hypostasis" of the individual, the number three is widely regarded as the number of manifestation. Science for instance, says that we reside in the "third dimension." Many other initiatory Orders have three initiations. For instance, Freemasonry it seems has a "three-tiered" initiation system, as does Martinism. Freemasonry's Entered Apprentice degree corresponds with the physical, or Water, the Fellow Craft degree the psychic (intellect), or Air, and the Master Mason degree the spiritual, or Fire. Likewise in Alchemy we find the stages of purification corresponding with water, air and fire; the elements associated with the physical, the psychic, and the spiritual. But aside from the doctrine and dogma of other orders, and teachings, my personal definition of initiation is to take that which is base and raise it to a more glorious form. The physical body must be purified, and all unhealthy things which enter it be discarded. The mind must be purified and all dangerous "thought-forms" and "inner dialogue" purged. This is so that the spirit may have a temple with which to carry out its true purpose and avoid the snares and pitfalls of the material world which many souls are ensnared in, and this is what needs re-educating. That the illusion of the material world is not all that there is, and that everything has a spiritual root, and catalyst. With the re-education of the individual as to its spiritual qualities and original source, and by placing that same individual back into "the world" you bring down the spiritual into the physical, or the old axiom "As above, So below." This is my definition of initiation. Re-awakening the soul to its latent original powers and qualities, and removing the veil of the material. I think that maybe once there is a realization of our true nature, there is a dangerous time where we see all as folly, and lose touch with the material world, and its importance as a school of sorts. When you realize your true identity, you then become ashamed of your past. But, this shame has a purpose and with this realization also comes great responsibility, to improve oneself, and assist in helping others to do the same! This is the "great work", where "the Temple is built without the sound of hammers." It is a mistake to believe or assume that any which way is the only "truth." It is in the similarities of the different Orders, religions, etc. that we find the Truth? I'm not sure if there is one way of clearing the accumulated detritus from our lives and souls. I think that perhaps everyone is different and unique, and requires varying methods. Some persons turn to organized religion, and it is on this path that they find spiritual cleansing and resolution. Others may need a more intellectual route. And then some others require the mystical, or direct experience, or "knowing" of the divine within. Personally, I fall into the latter camp. I believe that by directly experiencing the divine within, it brings greater responsibility for one's actions, and places more self-reliance on "clearing the weeds from one's own rose garden." It is in life's choices that we shape our own destiny. We are presented with less than ideal circumstances, choices, and hardships which may scar us and retard our development. But one thing we do have control over is our inner state, our morality, and our ethics. When faced with life's complexities, we cannot fail if we approach everything with the right intentions, and a good heart. To clear "our rose garden," or "clean our Kharma," or "polish our rough stones and make them perfect," we must be able to see and acknowledge the imperfections, and studiously work to remove them with the working tools that we as "gardeners" are given. These could be prayer, charity to others, healing of the sick and distressed, etc. All of these tend to reduce the importance of the "self" or "ego," and emphasize the importance of the greater good. Through prayer and supplication we can replace our own will, with that of the creator's will, and in this process we become more like the creator and his/her qualities, and thus, make us more perfected. Perhaps it is the psychic or intellectual part of the three-fold hypostasis whereby we curb our more base nature? I say this because it takes our will and desire to correct our baser nature and through mental discipline we can override our physical and mental "impurities?"I think perhaps it is our intellect and mental faculties? Through focusing our mind, through constant exercise we gain strength in order to resist our temptations and become fortified against them? It is also highly beneficial to associate with others whom are on the same path, for moral and spiritual support? There is power in numbers! I understand "Universal Charity" to be the relief of suffering in all its forms, healing and that gratis, without respect to religious, ethnic, racial or other sectarian prejudices. This "charity" is "the glue" which binds us together, removes enmity, and builds love between us. Again, as we perfect ourselves we perfect each other, because no one is separated from the other, and when one takes the step consciously and individually a small part of everyone does the same? And in our interactions with others we guide, and influence those whom might need a light to find their way in the darkness? I look forward to our discussions. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to quantify and express my thoughts and views. I also greatly appreciate the opportunity for self-reflection and guidance. Fraternally yours, Ariel